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Your facility is a complex place, and managing its operations and expenses is challenging. Our expertise and experience with building operations and real assets shapes the solutions we deliver and refines the ways in which we engage with you. Our flexible approach and breadth of solutions set the stage for unique tailored energy and sustainability programs and strategies.

Green Generation Solutions implements projects designed meet your goals for energy and cost savings; reducing your environmental impact; and engaging occupants and stakeholders to make your facility, as well as your organization, a leader in sustainability, all while reducing your operating costs with both demand and supply-side measures.

GreenGen conducts supply and demand assessments to measure energy consumption. We analyze operational activities and procedures, plans, and trends. We then develop a preliminary overview of potential improvements with a best practices implementation plan to foster a culture of efficiency and sustainability for the daily life of your property and your organization. At the same time we model the preliminary energy and labor savings and costs. Evidence supports the notion that an energy efficient building is financially, as well as environmentally, responsible.

With over 100 years of commercial real estate investment and operations experience, the GreenGen team has a solid reputation for providing and implementing a comprehensive range of turnkey innovative solutions that provide benefits covering the life cycle of facilities and assets, including:

  • Decreased energy consumption and operating costs
  • Enhanced and value-added information management
  • Education and strategic thought leadership to ensure maximum sustained benefit
  • Improved environmental quality, safety, and occupant comfort

GreenGen clients are considered long-term partners with whom we work to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximize investments.


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Bethesda, Maryland 20814

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